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my new year
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Made to Crave ~ Chapter 1:What's really going on here?

1)  If you could personify cravings, what would it look like?  I'm constantly hearing voices.  Most of these voices carry a negative undertone and usually sound like my daddy, my older brother, my father-in-law, an older lady at church or anyone who I feel is against me.  Remember those old cartoons where people have a good angel on one shoulder; and they are in a battle over right and wrong.  The good angel is calm and collective and the evil angel is wishy washy character ~a lot like me.

2.  How do you respond that God made us to crave?  I so love this.  When I'm truly following God with all my heart and soul, I desire more and more of Him.  However, when I am living in my sinful ways, I crave things that aren't always good for me.

3.  Could there be any benefits to cravings? Yes I think so.  God created us to have an intimate relationship with Him.  It is when we don't feel these cravings with God, but with anything else then our cravings can never be truly satisfied. 

4.  The bible says that Satan uses cravings, lust of the eyes and boasting to draw us away from God.  How have you dealt with things lately?
      Cravings - 2 of my biggest cravings are unhealthy food and sleep.  Yes,  I said sleep.  It's nothing for me to sleep 12 hours a day.  I justify it by saying my  CP wears me out and I need to save my strength for when my kids and Barrett, and while this is true I LOVE to sleep and to dream.  It give me peace.  This craving is worse in the winter because it is so cold and the cold stiffens my body.  However, my craving for unhealthy foods and sleep are probably directly related...UHM,  I really need to think and pray on this.
     Lust of the eyes -  we live in such  a visual world.  I must admit I love to watch a young couple in love and I realized I miss that.  I know that Barrett loves me with all his heart and soul.  I know that he's not a real touchy feely person.  I need to learn to accept Barrett for who he is and be satisfied by what he gives me.
     Boasting - Uhm, can't I just skip this one.  Something else I crave is ATTENTION!!  My husband is somewhat a local celebrity;  He works on the local radio station.  Everywhere we go in town he's known.  Proverbs 31:23  says "Her husband is know at that gates, Where he sits among the elders of the lands."  While I love being married to such a leader, sometimes as a lowly homemaker I must honestly sometimes I miss not being noticed or needed until something goes wrong.
5.  Do I ever use scripture to defeat temptation?  Yes sometimes, but not nearly as often as I need to.

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