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my new year
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Made To Crave Blog Hop: Desires

I must admit, I've fallen behind in my reading of Made to Crave this week.  The Barrett house hold is undergoing some major changes this week.  We've been rearranging bedrooms.  Because I snore and cough so much at night, Barrett wasn't sleeping.  Dalton-who just got a new bedroom about 2 years ago, got in trouble last week as punishment lost his room.  So Barrett took Dalton's  old room for he's office/bedroom, Bobbye Sue moved into  Barrett's office (she'd been in her room since she was born and wanted a change, and Dalton got Bobbye Sue's old room.  Confusing right???  I'm the big winner here; I get too keep the big master bedroom!

As Dalton would say; I've been a glass case of emotions this week.  On one hand I'm kinda excited to be getting my "OWN" room, but on the other hand I feel guilty because I can no longer share a room with my husband.  You have these expectations that a married couple always sleeps in the same room.  But as I've been researching on the web and having separate bedrooms for couples is not too uncommon, in fact it's even termed a "sleep divorce".  I know that God can use this for good if I let him.

Cravings are a strange thing.  It's our mind tricking us into thinking we desperately tricking us into thinking we NEED  something,  In reality, all we truly NEED is God,  If we live and depend on him, He'll supply everything.  I have been called to be a wife and mother, where I lay my head at night shouldn't matter.  Yes, my desire is to be for my husband, but when that desire is stronger than my desire for God, I have a problem.  And truth be told, I have often let my desires for Barrett become stronger than my desire for God.  I get caught up in the fact that Barrett is physically here with me; I can see and touch him.  Sometimes I don't like is with me - But there is go relying on my feelings again.  James 4:8 says; "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."  I must allow my cravings to come from God and not earthly desires.


  1. Heather, not only are you a beautiful person inside and out, you're also an inspiration. AND may I say nothing wrong with not sleeping in the same room with hubby. I'm sure if we had more bedrooms, my husband would like one of his own since I'm the one that snores, very loudly I'm told. Lol! He sometimes ends up in the living room in the recliner. :-) Thanks for the exhortation and reminding us who our first love should be. God bless you. :-)